AI - Artificial Intelligence

It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.

ANI - Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

AI that specializes in one area. Also known as Weak AI.

ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence

Nick Bostrom defines superintelligence as: An intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills.

AGI - Artificial General Intelligence

A computer that is as smart as a human across the board—a machine that can perform any intellectual task that a human being can.

Also known as Strong AI, or Human-Level AI.

AI - Comments + Predictions

  1. The median response in Bostrom’s poll gives a fifty-fifty chance that human-level A.I. would be attained by 2050.

  2. Demis Hassabis, described his company to the audience at the Royal Society as an Apollo Program” with a two-part mission: Step one, solve intelligence. Step two, use it to solve everything else

  3. Richard Sutton, a Canadian computer scientist whose work has earned tens of thousands of scholarly citations, gives a range of outcomes: there is a ten-per-cent chance that A.I. will never be achieved, but a twenty-five-per-cent chance that it will arrive by 2030

  4. Bostrom does not find the lack of obvious existential threats comforting. Because it is impossible to endure extinction twice, he argues, we cannot rely on history to calculate the probability that it will occur. The most worrying dangers are those that Earth has never encountered before. It is hard to cause human extinction with seventeenth-century technology,” Bostrom told me.

  5. Bostrom calls this the Technological Completion Conjecture: If scientific- and technological-development efforts do not effectively cease, then all impor­t­­­ant basic capabilities that could be obtained through some possible technology will be obtained

AI - Augmented intelligence

The concept of augmented intelligence is not to replace humans, but rather to capitalise on the combination of algorithms, machine learning, and data science to inform human decision-making abilities.We didn’t set out to replace humans with machines; we set out to make those humans the best they could be — to give them super powers. That’s our goal in all our work.

Augmented intelligence elevates human capabilities and experiences it is based on data that is collected, interpreted, and made meaningful by humans.

AI assistants

Early Days of JARVIS Artificial intelligence research will make strides in the next decade. If you think Siri is useful now, the next decade’s generation of Siri will be much more like JARVIS from Iron Man, with expanded capabilities to understand and answer. Companies like IBM Watson, DeepMind and Vicarious continue to hunker down and develop next-generation AI systems. In a decade, it will be normal for you to give your AI access to listen to all of your conversations, read your emails and scan your biometric data because the upside and convenience will be so immense.

Predicting the next 10 years - Peter Diamandis

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February 9, 2024