Capital Profesional Add energy to every conversation Ask why Find obsolete things on your task list and remove them Treat customers better than they expect Offer to help co-workers before they ask Feed the plants Leave things more organized than you found them Invent a moment of silliness Highlight good work from your peers Find other great employees to join the team Cut costs Help invent a new product or service that people really want Get smarter at your job through training or books Encourage curiosity Surface and highlight difficult decisions Figure out what didn’t work Organize the bookshelf Start a club Tell a joke at no one’s expense Smile a lot How to sell How to network Find the signal among the noise Reinvention See connections among disciplines, ideas and cultures. Understand human nature and lead accordingly. Identify needed personal traits and turn them into habits. Establish, maintain, and improve lasting relationships. Keep one’s life in proper balance. Discern truth and error regardless of the source or the delivery. Discern true from right. Conceptualize and solve problems. Take initiative, think and work independently. Work in cooperation with others and learn collaboratively. Judge what it means to understand something thoroughly. Familiarity with the different modes of thought (including quantitative, historical, scientific, and aesthetic.) Information-Assimilation — how to find, consume, and comprehend information and identify what’s most important in the face of a problem or challenge. Speaking — how to communicate thoughts and ideas to others clearly, concisely, and with confidence. Decision-Making — how to identify critical issues, prioritize, focus energy/effort, recognize fallacies, avoid common errors, and handle ambiguity. Conflict-Resolution — how to anticipate potential sources of conflict and resolve disagreements when they occur. Planning — how to identify the necessary next steps to achieve an objective, account for dependencies, and prepare for the unknown and inevitable change via the use of contingencies. Skill Acquisition Think, speak, and write clearly. Communicate thoughts and ideas in written form clearly and concisely. Reason critically and systematically.

Capital Profesional

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February 9, 2024