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CO2 Footprint

I have roughly calculated my CO2 footprint at Wren, a company that helps us understand our carbon footprint, figure out how to reduce our emissions, and then offset the emissions we cannot reduce.
Currently my yearly carbon footprint is 8,95 tons of CO2 per year, which is 19% higher than the average in Spain. The main culprits seem to be: my way of transportation (car), my diet (meat + vegetables) and my plane flights (1 roundtrip/year).
My Carbon Footprint are equivalent to: 25% of the weight of a humpback whale, or the amount of CO2 411 pine trees absorb in a year, or 22147 miles driven in a car, or 2.0 cows burping for one year, or 9 roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to Paris, or the emissions from producing 4931 burgers.
At Wren there are several projects that can help offset the emissions that cannot be reduced, such as planting trees at $9,60/tn.
Here’s my report if you’re interested: