Written by David Allen

  1. Focus. When other thoughts enter the mind, record them on an external nearby Thought Bucket.
  2. Empty the Thought Bucket weekly and organize it.
  3. Remove unimportant items, finish 2-minute tasks, and enter deadlines, or appointments in your calendar.
  4. Practice outcome thinking by having a project list that tracks steps leading to desired goals.
  5. The most urgent step on the project list goes to the Next Action list.
  6. The Next Action list should stay with you at all times so you can choose to act on them when time frees up.
  7. The Waiting For list can help expedite things.
  8. The Someday/Maybe list is for ideas in the future that are not concrete projects yet.
  9. Don’t multi-task.
  10. Focus 100% of your mental capacity on the task at hand.


January 1, 2020

Game Theory