KEY MOMENTS IN THE AI JOURNEY… 1940 Expectations that machines could
match humans in terms of general intelligence. By that we mean machines could have an ability to Learn, Reason and React. 1955 The first time a computer program defeats a human World
Champion in a board game. 1962 Arthur Samuel s machine learning checkers (draughts) program, beat a checkers
2014 Eugene Goostman’s chatbot, a bot pretending to be a 13 year old boy, supposedly passes the Turing Test, a test which no one has passed before! But
controversy arose with this claim as:

  1. Experts claims it only lasted five minutes.
  2. It was deemed biased as Eugene’s first language
    (Ukrainian) was not the same as the judges (English), which is an advantage as language is one of the few ways we can tell the difference between a
    human and machine. 1950 Alan Turing develops the Turing Test; a test to determine whether a machine is intelligent. However, it wasn’t for another 60 years or so
    that any program was deemed to have passed. 1956 John McCarthy invents the new term Artificial Intelligence’ when he held the First Academic
    Conference on the subject of AI. 1980 Reinforcement Learning is
    introduced. This is a type of
    programming that uses rewards and punishments to train a machine to interact with it’s environment. 2012 Research group led by Geoffrey Hinton wins the ImageNet competition — this competition
    requires AI to categorise about 1.2 million images into any of 10,000 different categories. The level of
    accuracy was equal to that of the average human completing the
    same task manually. 2018 Alibaba’s AI Model performs better than humans in a reading and
    comprehension test at Stanford
    University, scoring 82.44 against the 82.304 scored by humans!

February 9, 2024