I was happily surprised by the discovery of the personal knowledgebase movement, it is something I’ve always wanted to delve into, but until recently thought myself to be alone in this endeavour.

I was wrong. I have found a heavy populated community of people that, like myself, maintain a personal wiki or commonplace (digital) book.

My need to improve my knowledge started when I first read the plot of Faust, then an article about Nick Bostrom and finally realized that I couldn’t explain why most of the natural phenomena occurs.

Faust found himself at an old age with not much accomplished, and a sudden need to improve his life and knowledge. To make up for any lost time. Which is very similar to what Nick Bostrom felt according to himself. [link to text/article /quote]

What do I need to know?

My priority at the beginning was to make a list of all the (basic) things I needed to know. (what is DNA? Why is the sky blue? How many countries are there?…) This turned out to be a long list, [link to list] which I have still to finish.

  • How to organize knowledge?
  • How to maintain a Knowledgebase?
  • Updates
  • Spaced reptition
  • Progessive sumaary


January 1, 2020