The wiki of Carlos Rodrigo

Power down ritual

It is a fixed set of actions and behaviors that mentally and physically mark the end of your professional day.

The three primary principles of a great Power Down Ritual:
Complete Final Tasks: What are the final checks that you need to perform in order to close out the tasks of the day and confirm that there is nothing remaining for you to complete?

  1. Check email, texts, and Slack messages for any final requests requiring immediate action.
  2. Send any final messages for asynchronous teams who will receive and make progress overnight.

Prepare for Tomorrow: What are the focus priorities for tomorrow? What is the first task you want to make progress on when you start work tomorrow? Do 10-15 minutes of prep work to set yourself up to hit the ground running on that priority task.

  1. Check calendar for the following day and complete 15 minutes of preparatory work for initial priority tasks of the following morning.
  2. Update any task lists for progress and confirm open items for next day.
  3. Initiate power down trigger. Close down all applications and technology.

Initiate Power Down: END