Stephen Covey - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Effectively integrating into the world means aligning personal paradigms with universal principles. Sharpen the Saw” to stay effective. Stay physically fit by exercising. Stay mentally healthy by learning new things. Stay socially and emotionally engaged by developing positive relationships. Maintain spiritual health by confronting and reflecting on your own values. Be proactive and take control of your own fate. Begin with the end in mind and set long term goals with an understanding of your personal mission statement. Visualize the outcome of every step toward your goal so it will be easier to translate into concrete actions. Put First Things First” by prioritizing things that bring you toward your goals and are consistent with your values or norms. Practice the Win-Win mentality. It will create good relationships, mutual trust, and long term benefits. Forming stable relationships means listening empathetically to others and understanding their personal paradigms so you can contribute and invest in their goals. Engage in active listening by repeating back people’s own words, mirroring their emotions, and helping structure their thought processes. Synergize with others by cooperating openly and respectfully. Collectives can achieve a result that is impossible for an individual. Don’t say yes to everything. Don’t view the world from a Win-Lose, competitive perspective. To change, you have to address your character, not your behavior. Our paradigms are our subjective perception of the world that shapes our habits. If you want to be able to influence others, first seek to understand. Only then can you be understood.

February 9, 2024