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Zero to one by Peter Thiel

Think about the future as a definitive vision. This is a vision you want to focus on and attain. When thinking about the future, think about the progress which stands between now and the future.
Finding ideas most people don’t know about, or agree with, is key to being successful. First aim to be a profitable monopoly at a specific and narrowly defined target market, then expand to other markets.
The initial team members are critical. You must find the right mix of skills, vision, and personal connections with each other. This makes it easier to foster a strong company culture. Vertical progress is hard because it does not exist yet. It requires you to see the present differently. It also requires you to find a truth most people don’t see or agree with.
A startup has only one specific future vision leading to success.
One must parse decisions relevant to specific conditions.
Perfect competition is good for consumers, but it does not drive progress.