The only time we can live is the present. We must prepare our future, and we must learn from the past, but we can only live in the present.

Dale Carnegie said:

You and I are standing in this second, meeting place of two eternities: the vast past that has endured forever, and the future that sinks into the last syllable of recorded time. We cannot live in any of those eternities, no, not even for a fraction of a second. But, in trying to do so, we can destroy both our body and our mind. So let’s be happy to live the only moment we can live: from now until bedtime.

Robert Louis Stevenson said:

Anyone can carry their load, even if it’s difficult, until dusk. Anyone can do their job, even if it’s difficult, for a day. Anyone can live in a sweet, patient, loving, pure way, until the sun goes down put. And this is all life really means.

Since we can only go forward, the future is always closer than the past.

On the past we can no longer act, we must live a good present to enjoy a good future.”


January 1, 2020