Sapiens Written by Yuval Noah Harari Great summary: One of history’s few iron laws is that luxuries tend to become Tha Man who could work miracles By H. G. Wells, part of Tales of Space The unintended consecuences of making miracles. One The Dragon In My Garage “A fire-breathing dragon lives in my garage” Suppose (I’m following a group therapy approach by the psychologist Richard Franklin) I seriously make Principal Doctrines Written by Epicurus 1.- A blessed and imperishable being neither has trouble itself nor does it Health yourself Written by Dr Nic Gill What does matter is your life and your goals. To figure out what these are, you need to stop looking to the outside world, Life 3.0 Written by Max Tegmark AI could represent the future of life, but it’s a controversial subject. The story of how life emerged on earth is well Essentialism In order to avoid drowning in unnecessary work, you need to adopt the principle of essentialism. Essentialism isn’t about making tiny progress in The Elon Musk Blog Series Written by Tim Urban Energy being “the property of matter and radiation that is manifest as a capacity to perform the exertion of force overcoming How to grow old Written by Bertrand Russell In spite of the title, this article will really be on how not to grow old, which, at my time of life, is a much more Self Reliance Written by R. W. Emerson I read the other day some verses written by an eminent painter which were original and not conventional. The soul always Poor Richard's almanack by Benjamin Franklin Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. He’s a fool that makes his doctor his heir. Half the The Innovator's Dilemma Written by Clayton Christensen Have two innovation incubation models for an established firm. Observe how customers are actually using the product. Getting things done (GTD) Written by David Allen Focus. When other thoughts enter the mind, record them on an external nearby Thought Bucket. Empty the Thought Bucket weekly The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Written by Stephen Covey Effectively integrating into the world means aligning personal paradigms with universal principles. “Sharpen the Saw” to The Lean Startup Written by Eric Ries Focus the whole team on finding a sustainable business model. The faster the model is found, the likelier the start-up is to Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son Written by George Horace Lorimer No hay nada como un poquito de oro en la etiqueta para que la gente lo quiera. Real buyers ain’t interested in Principal Doctrines Written by Epicurus 1.- A blessed and imperishable being neither has trouble itself nor does it How do people get new ideas? Written by Isaac Asimov The Extended Mind Written by Andy Clark & David J. Chalmer Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin? The The way to wealth The works of Benjamin Franklin Vol. II Part XXII. Courteous Reader, I have heard that nothing gives an author so great pleasure as to find his You Inc Written by Christine Clifford and Harry Beckwith Make yourself clearer and people will think you are an expert. All good stories have a hero, and Happy Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine Written by Derren Brown We are, each of us, a product of the stories we tell ourselves. ‘The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life

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