Written by Christine Clifford and Harry Beckwith

Make yourself clearer and people will think you are an expert.

All good stories have a hero, and two other key elements: 1. A serious challenge. 2. A hero dealing with the challenge and learning something as a result. But make sure you put the audience, not you, in the hero’s shoes. People identify with themselves. They want solutions to their problems. They are interested in making their own lives better.

Communicate so that you cannot be misunderstood.

Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. When you see someone else, you only see the part of the iceberg above the water.

Position yourself as the solution to almost everything, and everyone will see you as the solution for nothing. People want specialists.

Don’t say solutions. That’s plural. People want one.

Simplify. What we want is certainty and simplification gives us that. Less options.

Find your message, keep it simple, and repeat it often.

Whatever you write, read it aloud. Edit. Revise every memo and revise it again.



January 1, 2020